I routinely appear in housing court on behalf of landlords in Minnesota. I have the experience and knowledge necessary to advise landlords in both residential and commercial cases. Please complete the following retainer agreement for your fixed fee landlord proceeding.  If you have any questions, call me at 612-269-4353 (c) or schedule a telephone conference.


    CLIENT Email Address:

    Client, above named, hereby retains the Law Firm of Griffitts Law Offices, PLLC. to represent him/her/it in an Eviction Proceeding to be filed in Anoka/Dakota/Hennepin/Ramsey/Scott/Washington County for a property located at:

    (Property Address)

    This agreement is for Landlords, Property Managers, or Property Owners only and excludes tenants or any person holding over after a foreclosure, contract for deed cancellation or any other involuntary transfer of title.

    Client agrees to cooperate and be truthful in all matters.

    FIXED FEE: Client agrees to pay the Law Firm a fixed fee of $500.00 that comprises all attorney fees for the matter as described herein. This fee is the Law Firm’s property upon payment, subject to the refund provision below. Client understands that the fixed fee will not be placed in the Law Firm’s trust account until earned. This fixed fee will include all attorney fees up to and including a court trial, but, specifically excludes attorney fees associated with an eviction jury trial, appeal of the referee’s eviction order to District Court (Hennepin and Ramsey Count matters only), the Minnesota Court of Appeals or any petition or matter before the Minnesota Supreme Court or any ancillary matter to the eviction which will be invoiced to client at $200.00 per hour plus expenses. Client will be responsible for any expenses Law Firm incurs on Client’s behalf for the eviction proceeding including but not limited to filing fees, service costs, costs associated with post-trial matters such as a writ of recovery, sheriff’s fees associated with a writ of recovery or any other post-trial expenses all of which Client agrees to reimburse Law Firm for such expenses which will be invoiced to Client. If any attorney fees, costs, or expenses under this agreement are unpaid for 30 days after invoicing, Client agrees to pay the Law Firm all costs of collection, including attorney’s fees.

    WITHDRAWL/DISCHARGE: Client may discharge the Law Firm at any time. Law Firm may withdraw should continued representation become unlawful, unethical, or Client fails to honor his/her/its payment obligations. Should either event occur, Client is entitled to a refund of all or a portion of any unearned fee. Client is entitled to prompt refund of any excess fee that he/she/it has paid.

    Client understands that nothing in this agreement and nothing the Law Firm has said or will say is a promise or guarantee about the outcome of Client’s legal matter. Client understands that Law Firm can make no such promises or guarantees.


    /s/ Kelly Vince Griffitts


    by for himself/herself/ and as an officer and on behalf of Client.